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S2 - #1A From Star Apprentice to Leading Venture Capitalist

Kelly Perdew (@kperdew) is the Co-Founder and Managing General Partner of Moonshots Capital. Kelly shares his journey from high school in Wyoming to West Point, his military service, and his transition into entrepreneurship and venture capital. He highlights Moonshots Capital’s focus on investing in extraordinary leadership and how military veterans often bring valuable qualities to the business world.

In this episode, Zack and Kelly discuss:

  1. Mastering Media: Lessons from Working with Donald Trump on The Apprentice
  2. Smart Funding: Extending Startup Runway to Ensure Survival
  3. Startup Survival: Outrunning the Bear and Navigating the Valley of Death
  4. Unlocking Growth Potential: How Venture Debt Fuels Startup Success
  5. A Decade of Dedication: How Reputation Powers Investment Success
  6. From Battlefield to Boardroom: The Unique Strengths Veterans Bring to Startups
  7. How Military Bonds Shape Game-Changing Venture Investments


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