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SN 2 - #4A From NYPD to VC: The Story of a Successful Angel Investor

Digvijay “Sunny” Singh is an entrepreneur, investor, academic and technologist. After serving in the New York Police Department, Sunny earned two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from UCLA. He then founded, operated and successfully exited two startups and later became a very active angel investor.

Sunny was past president of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investing network in the United States that has been running for nearly 25 years. He is currently Managing Partner at Alleyway Capital, which acquires e-commerce software startups.

In this episode, Zack Ellison and Sunny Singh discuss:

1. Evolving with the Times: Navigating the Changing VC Landscape
2. Beyond Tech Hubs: The Power of Geographical Diversity
3. Uncovering VC Gaps: Underserved Sectors and Founders
4. Down Rounds Dissected: Signals to Investors
5. Strategic Venture Debt: A Shield Against Down Rounds
6. Protracted Funding Challenges: Surviving the Startup Journey
7. Investor’s Toolkit: The Art of Diversified Innovation Investing

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A venture debt investment manager focused on providing financing solutions to innovative, high-growth startups in recession-resistent sectors and underserved regions in North America.