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SN 2 - #10B Transforming the Supply Chain through Corporate VC

Welcome to another episode of The 7 in 7 Show with Zack Ellison, which features full length interviews with the world’s leading investors in innovation.

Episode #10B of Season 2 features Liz Ward, Head of ZEBOX America, an international supply chain accelerator focused on connecting large corporations to innovative startups to solve the most pervasive problems impacting global supply chains.

Prior, Liz held several leadership positions at tech enabled freight brokerages such as Transfix and Convoy. Before venture, she was an executive and minority owner at Ward Transport & Logistics, a Top 25 LTL carrier in the U.S. and was a founding member of Price-Tran LLC, an asset-based trucking company revolutionizing the way freight is priced.

Liz launched her career at Booz Allen – where she consulted with domestic and foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies to disrupt and dismantle illicit supply chains, most notably the global heroin trade. She graduated with honors from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management and is an active advisor and investor to startups.

In this episode, Zack Ellison and Liz Ward discuss:

1. How the ZEBOX Model Solves Vexing Supply Chain Challenges
2. Supply Chain Innovation Through Corporate Venture Capital
3. Choosing the Right Investment Partners: A Key to Success
4. The Future of Work in Supply Chain Management
5. Venture Debt: A Minimally Dilutive Financing Tool for Startups
6. AI’s Transformative Impact on Global Supply Chains
7. Driving Sustainability and Decarbonization in Supply Chains


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